Rules for Residing

Reception, registration and accommodation of our guests in Art-HotelZontik (including Mini-Hotel) are fulfilled with accordance to the
Rule ofproviding hotel services in the Russian Federation, approved by the Russian
Federation government resolution 490 dated 25.04.1997 . (in red. Government resolution of the RussianFederation 1104 dated 02.10.1999, 693 dated 15.09.2000, 49 dated
01.02.2005 .)
1. The working hours of our hotel-24h/7.
2. The hotel provides services foraccommodation in a hotel room for temporary residency of Guests during anestablished period, approved by administration of the hotel and registered bythe established series of rules.
3. Time of arrival- 14.00.
4. Time of departure-12.00. If an administratorhas discovered defects in furniture or any other defects or violations or
disturbances, the Guest will have to pay a fee at the time of departure fordamage to the property according to submitted price list.
5. Upon the end of accommodation theGuest has to vacate the room before the arrival time (12.00); prolongation ofresidency is possible if there is no reservation for the current room. If thereare other rooms available, the Guest can be provided with another hotel room.
6. It is possible to move into theroom from 6.00 to 14.00 or to leave from 12.00 to 20.00, if there are no otherGuests in the room, however in this case it will be necessary to pay anadditional price for half of the day. If a guest decides to move into a roombefore 6.00 or to leave after 20.00, an additional payment will have to be madefor the full next day.
7. Registration of the Guest in the Accommodationat our hotel is provided by an administrator on the basis of the document which
certifies the Guests personal identity (passport or any other personalidentity documents).
8. Accommodation in the hotel isprovided only after the Guests payment of the full period of occupancy.
9. There is no paymentnecessary for children below 7 years old who do not require a room of theirown.
10. The Guest is entitled to pay fortheir room(s) in advance for the entire time they are is going to stay in ourhotel. If a Guest with a paid reservation does not use the services of hotel atthe specified dates and did not cancel their reservation 3 days before theirexpected date of the
arrival, the advance payment will be returned with a reductionof the price of the first day of residency. A reservation is cancelled if aguest does not make use of their reservation on the next date after theexpected date of arrival. If a guestcancels their reservation no more than three (3) days before their arrival,then a full refund will be made.
11. An unconfirmed and unpaidreservation is saved until 18.00 of the current day.
12. The current administrator informsthe Guest of the rules of housing and living in the hotel, rules of behavior,procedures for emergence situations. Follow this they will lead him to theirroom.
13. Change of bed cloths is made onetime per five days. Towel chnage is made one time per two days.
14. At the request of the Guest inthe hotel, it is permissible for invited people to stay with them from thehours of 9.00 to 22.00. This must be in the case of the document whichcertifies personal identity. An Administrator has the right not to let theinvited guests of the Hotel Guest to stay without providing a reason why.
15. In the hotel it is not permitted to:
15.1. Smoke in all areas of the hotel;
15.2. Leave strangers in the room in Guestsabsence and also give them keys;
15.3. Be in the state of alcohol intoxication;
15.4 Use flammable materials or other pyrotechnicalitems (firecrackers, fireworks.);
15.5. Keep fragile, flammable, explosive, toxic,drugs, weapons, or firearms in the room;
15.6. Use additional heating devices if it is not intended for use in thehotel room;
15.7. Throw trash out of the windows;
15.8. Move or carry furniture, bed cloths andother property out of the hotel;
15.9. Be loud;listen to music at the high volume or use other loud devices;
15.10.Disturb the peace of other Guests.
16. In the case of a Guests non-compliance with the following rulesand/or breaking the conventional norms of behavior, hotel administration is
entitled to refuse service to the guest and move the Guest out of the hotel inadvance without returning their payment.
17. Hotel administration has theright to move a Guest out of the hotel in advance in case they are in a stateof alcoholic, drug or any other intoxication, without returning their payment.
18. The Guest is obliged to:
18.1. Comply with the Rules of fire safety forvisitors of the hotel and with the rules of living and housing;
18.2. To pay for the damage in case of damage orloss of hotels property by the Guest or by an invited person according to the
Price list for damage and loss of the hotels property in compliance with laws
of the Russian Federation, and also to be responsible for other violations. This
agreement regarding damage or loss of property is made out in two copies, one
for each side.
18.3. To hand over room keys at the time of vacatingthe hotel.
18.4. When leaving the room to turn off thewater, close the windows; switch off the light and other electronic devices,
18.5. Yield the room to an administrator andmake a full payment for any additional services at the end of living period.
19. In the hotel the Guest canuse the following free services:
19.1 The medical first-aid kit;
19.2. Woken up by anadministrator.
19.3. Use of a boiler, sets of silverware andtableware for the amount of people residing in the hotel;
20. Administration of the hotel is not responsiblefor the safety or storage or in the safe documents, money and/or other itemsleft in the room. All things of value can be placed in the hotels safe, whichis located with an Administrator. Item to be placed in the safe must complywith the rules of items placed within Hotel Storage.
21. If a lost item is found, the Administrationof the hotel will make attempts to return the lost items to their rightfulowner. If the rightful owner cannot be found, the administration will refer thematter to the local police. If the rightful owner is not found after six monthsafter notifying the police, the one who found the lost item becomes its new owner(Civil Law of the Russian Federation, parts 1, 2, 3)
22. The visitors book is in the reception andcan be given out by demand of the Guest (except to persons in a state ofalcoholic intoxication). Reasonable requests and complaints are considered bythe director without hesitation. We appreciate your safety and therefore in allareas of the hotel, video surveillance is provided (except within guest rooms andin lavatories/showers).