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We have just finished building our hotel. Throughout the process, we remembered to not only make it comfortable, but beautiful as well. Our designer was Alexey Begunov, who during our construction, was creating monuments in Europe, Saint Petersburg and corresponded with one of Russia’s greatest architects, Suvorovtsev, for our hotel. We are located at Gagarina Prospect, house number 5. This prospect was named in honor of one of the world’s greatest people – Soviet cosmonaut Yury Gagarin. After walking 100 meters from the hotel you’ll find Park Pobedy (Victory Park) – an incredible monument and one of the largest green areas inside St. Petersburg. After passing the Park, you’ll come to the metro station, Park Pobedy. Our hotel is situated between Pulkovo Airport and the historical center of Saint-Petersburg. 
We hope that our hotel, with it’s variety of rooms and facilities, will be comfortable for each and every guest to our fabulous city.
Welcome to Zontik Art hotel!